New Year New Code

New Year New Code

It has been a bit of time since I've added on to here, as the end of year has proven to be rather busy and with the new arrival of our son (Max) in late December we have had our hands rather full.

This has taken a lot of out me in terms of motivation to do anything outside of work due to getting use to the new way of life, it has been quite the challenge. As a result all my side projects and this blog have pretty much suffered, however i am back now aiming to get everything back up and running again. I expect to be adding much more to here as I get back into my different projects again over the year I am currently playing with Puppeteer in NodeJS and continuing on my smaller Rust projects.

This year it is my aim to really just focus on JavaScript/ TypeScript and Rust with not much venturing into other areas, I want to improve my React even more along with looking at some more backend Node and hopefully even dusting off Electron once more along side just getting a better handle on Rust. Rust is a language I have been enjoying greatly and the more I use it the more I enjoy it so I am hoping to really push my knowledge here further so I have a solid grounding in a systems level language.

This year is going to be very busy and I have a lot going on with the new addition to our family, but I aim to get back up to spending at least one day working on my own projects hopefully more a week and will aim to document them here! So stay turned.

Photo by Love Merkuri on Unsplash